Road Test - ADULTS (Age 18 & Up)


DFW Driving School is the authorized and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to administer the Official Road Test for Adults (Age 18 &up). That mean no more several weeks of wait time to schedule a road test at DPS. You can schedule your test now at your convenience without having to wait in lines. Appointments are available within a day or same day appointment can be available. 

Students from DFW, Students from other Driving Schools in Texas, or Online Drivers Education - ALL are eligible to take road test at DFW Driving School if they meet the below eligibility requirements.


You must meet the below requirements to take road test at DFW: 

 NOTE: If you are an Adult (age 18-24) obtained Learners Permit via Teens Drivers Ed program follow these requirements.



Note: It is your responsibility to make sure that the documents listed above are brought into the office when arriving for the test. If any of these documents are missing, you will not be allowed to take the test and must reschedule (Rescheduling fee may apply).


Cost of Driving Test is $75.00:


$25.00 Fee will be charged if: 


Refund Policy: 

Student will have 24 hours to terminate the road test registration. After the expiration of the 24-hours cancellation privilege, the school may retain up to $25 as administrative expenses: and, refund the remainder of the fee to the student. Credit Card Refunds are processed via credit card only. Cash and Check refunds are processed via check only. 


Vehicle Requirements: Below is required if you are using your own vehicle for the Road Test 


Once all the items above are completed, the student can take the DPS Road Test at DFW. Upon successfully completing the Road Test, we will provide the proper paperwork necessary to obtain the Texas Driver’s License at the DPS. DPS will process your documents, Photo, Fingerprints and issue you a temporary Driver License.