Behind the Wheel portion of drivers Ed contains 14 hours In-Car (7 hours Driving , 7 hours Observation). Students will have 7 lessons, each lesson will be 2 hours long.  Follow the below steps to create a profile to reserve a drive time. 


Upload Copy of The Learner's Permit
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Important: Make sure to select "DFW DRIVING SCHOOL" as a business. Otherwise account will not be generated


Parents & Students Acknowledgement: 

Students must bring original, unexpired learners permit to all drive times & observation. Contact lens or Glasses should be put on if Restriction: A is present on the Learners permit.

During peak times 2 drive times are allowed per month. If your expectations are to expedite through the driver education program, please consult your office to discuss our “Fast Track” program.

Driving lessons must be cancelled online 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel in advance will result in a $25.00 late cancellation penalty. 

Driving Schedule opens up every Friday evening, at 5:00 PM. Additional Driving Lessons are released throughout the month. If the calendar is full, please check back often for new openings.

The availability of drive times should not interfere with your ability to complete all driver education requirements with in the enrollment contract period (student must actively login to schedule their lesson). For any reason if you are not able to schedule a drive time, CLICK HERE to let us know the issue you are facing.