Students 18 years of age and older benefit from professional driving instruction. Our state certified course and instructors customize the behind the wheel instruction to meet the needs of the individual students. They also drill and practice for the in car test at DPS once the student is ready to be licensed. Our vehicles are easy to drive, dual control equipped, fully insured and are well maintained for safety and efficiency.

Being a knowledgeable, confident driver will make you a safer driver. For that reason we encourage anyone pursuing a driver’s license to take either the six hour Adult Classroom Course or at least the Defensive Driving Course. We also recommend at least one session Behind-the-Wheel with an instructor to help prepare you for the road test. That is one of he reason that we maintain highest passing rate at DPS. We covers the following aspects of driving.

We offer Adults Driving Classes with pick up and drop off service, in some parts of North Texas (distance restrictions may apply). To schedule a lesson or pricing information, please call our office at Plano: 972-845-7979.


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