DFW Students, Parents & Staff, 


Your health and the health of those around you is our highest priority at DFW Driving School. Non of us want unwillingly to transmit COVID-19 virus to others, so we have put in place a series of measures as instructed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations as well as the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). 


Across all or our facilities and services operations, we have increased our daily cleaning routines, including more frequent hand washing, use of sanitizers and cleaning our facility and vehicles. 



We believe it is critical to do our part to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Therefore, we are working with Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation to reduce or avoid the large student gathering at our locations by moving our classroom instructions to online for all current as ell as new classes until the situation gets better. We are almost there and should have a process in place for our classroom students to continue their learning at home without any delays in getting their driver license.  


In-Car Training:

The risk is very low for our in car training and therefore, we will continue our Behind-The-Wheel training with no impact at this time. With all due respect to our students, Staff and families, we request you to notify us and stay home if you are not feeling well or may have any fever, cold, soar throat, allergies or any symptoms related to health. Please DO NOT schedule any drive time if you are not feeling well or cancel in 24 hours in advance if already scheduled.


We will be able to extend the students contracts beyond 6 months at NO COST to you if delays are due to COVID-19 concerns. Missing drive times is still considered a "No Show" and will incur a $25 fee on the account. A no show will be waived with our standard policy by providing a doctor's note or any paper work as a proof for a doctor or a hospital visit. 


Please DO NOT bring your kids for any classroom sessions as all classroom activities will be provided through online for now. All classroom students and parents should receive an email later in the week with further instructions on how to access online training and submit your assignments and quizzes through online only. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your respective location(Plano or Frisco) for help. 

Plano - 972-845-7979    Frisco: 972-200-5600      Mgmt Email: dfwdrivingschool@gmail.com


We hope and pray for everyone's safety and good health during this pandemic crises. We are here to help and wish everyone all the best. 



DFW Driving School Management