Need assistance with Parallel Parking or need a refresher on skills for the Road test?

**Recommend** A Road Test Prep Lesson is $45.00. It is 30 minutes long and usually completed in a driving school vehicle. DFW State Certifies Instructor will go over the full Road Test route, all maneuvers required, detailed parallel parking assistance, and overall confidence boosting! Not needed for all students. Not Required, but highly recommend for students with test anxiety,  lack of skill/ confidence, those who have previous failed a road exam, or students who are just curious about what is on the exam. 

You can ask the instructor what you liket to learn, or you can have them evaluate you and go over any skill issues. You will be in the driving schools' car - not your own vehicle. Can be one lesson - can be several lessons. 

CLICK HERE  - to schedule a Road Test Prep Session with DFw Driving School.