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Distance Learning – DAY 1: Traffic laws, licensing, right-of-way

Distance Learning – DAY 1: Traffic laws, licensing, right-of-way

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When an emergency vehicle approaches from behind you, you should pull over and stop on the RIGHT HAND side of the road.

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Drivers should use their blinkers to communicate with other drivers that they need to change lanes or turn at least 200 feet in advance of that action:

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Drivers should always obey all traffic control signs unless they are directed to do differently by a police officer or construction worker.

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Drivers do not always need to carry insurance on their vehicles.

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When a vehicle is registered, the sticker issued should be placed on the left side of the vehicle's windshield.

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Driving while intoxicated by use of alcohol or drugs can result in an automatic suspension of your driver's license.

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Once you receive your driver's license you will never have to renew it.

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Once a student receives their permit, they can drive with a licensed driver in the front seat of the car, even if that person is resting or asleep.

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Drivers are NOT responsible for obtaining the knowledge of traffic laws and rules, the police can explain it when they are pulled over.

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Driver's Education provides an understanding of road laws and good driving practices for new drivers on the Highway Transportation System.

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We here at DFW Driving always train to the best of our abilities. We educate new drivers about their responsibilities when sitting behind the steering wheel and all other safety precautions they need to be aware of all the time. Our aim is to develop safe and responsible drivers.

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We aim to train and hone the skills of responsible drivers and develop safer roads for every Texan. DFW Driving School always wishes their students learn and adopt the importance of road safety and drive safely at every turn.