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Distance Learning – DAY 2: Traffic control devices, traffic flow

Distance Learning – DAY 2: Traffic control devices, traffic flow

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While stopping, drivers should leave enough space in front of them that they see the tires of the next vehicle touching the pavement.

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Vehicles need to increase speed by at least 10 mph in order to pass, it is acceptable to exceed the speed limit to perform this operation.

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Drivers should use hazard lights when their vehicles are experiencing problems, they are participating in a funeral procession, or they are experiencing severe weather.

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Some cities will give tickets for excessive horn usage.

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Construction workers do not have the authority to control traffic.

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Police officers can direct you in lieu of or in addition to traffic control devices.

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Traffic flow is controlled by traffic lights ONLY.

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Guide signs tell you what roads you are on, which direction to turn, and how far you are from a destination.

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The law does NOT require us to follow the directions of all regulatory signs.

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When you see a warning sign with a speed advisory, you should reduce your speed.

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